Dreesmart startup company

Smart sportswear for health assessment

Problem and Solution

  • Not having sports activities can cause a lot of damage to a healthy human being. Fatigue, obesity, depression and exposure to diseases such as diabetes are complications of inactivity and not exercising. For this reason, ideas that can enhance objects to exercise are of high value.
  • The problems we respond to can be divided into three parts:
  • 1- Physiological problem:
  • Improve the user’s physical profile.
  • 2- Emotional problem:
  • Become aware and understand the change in body behavior during everyday exercises.
  • 3- Nutrition management problem:
  • Detection of calorie intake based on changes in exercise program
  • What is your solution?
  • In our startup team, we explored creative ideas to create a “new and enjoyable experience of everyday sports.” We had a lot of ideas. We adapted them to global trends and technology approaches. When we realized that the “smart wearables” market has enjoyed a very high growth rate and every day around the world a lot of people are interested in using gadgets and smart clothing, we decided to design a product with this approach.
  • Our product is a smart sports t-shirt. We don’t mass produce it. Rather, for different social groups, we will design and prototyping the product in a “personalized” and “tailored manner” to the needs and behavior of the user. To improve the user experience, we will also offer customers a useful and attractive service for our product.